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Welcome, this site is dedicated to the Fortney Family, past and present, with special emphasis on Today's Fortneys.


The purpose of the site is to provide a central reference point for genealogical information about the family as documented by various sources, and to document detail information about those Fortneys alive today. We do not duplicate the large amount of information that is available on the Fortneys of the past, instead we will provide links and reference information related to this historical Genealogy. The bulk of the site is dedicated to Today's Fortneys.

If you have material to contribute, or a Web page that should be referenced, please drop the WebMaster a note. Family email reflector services and family email addresses are also available. If you find this site valuable and would like to help support its operation, see the Donate link at the bottom of this page.


The Fortney Family pages are divided into two groups, those that have generic or historical information and those that have personal data on living members of the family.

  • The generic and historical pages are public and can be accessed by anyone.
  • The personal data pages are restricted to minimize the availability of personal data and require password access. Links exist between the public and private pages and you will need to register for a password if you want to utilize the full site. (See PASSWORDS below.)

The Fortney Family pages are organized as follows:

What's New? - Brief notes on significant changes made to the site. Routine updates are made regularly and are not normally reflected here.

Today's Fortneys - An (obviously incomplete) listing of Fortneys that are alive today. Family Genealogy Numbers link to the public Family Tree pages. Names link to the available private personal pages that include the most current data we have on each individual. Addresses and telephone numbers are listed where available, and pictures are included. Links are provided to other Websites associated with individual family members. This section is maintained by James T. Fortney who also sponsors this site. Please contact Jim if you can help supply updates for this area. A Genealogy Worksheet form is available in PDF and Word formats to assist you in organizing your information. The form can be saved to your computer.

Fortney Family Tree - This is an ambitious effort to try and diagram the Fortney Family Genealogy. It is incomplete at this time but provides some of the links illustrating how Todays Fortneys fit with the Fortneys of the past. Heavy reliance is placed upon the Fortney - Fortna Genealogy Family, Inc. work done in preparing the historical information on the family (see below). As in the Today's Fortneys section, Genealogy Numbers will link through the Tree and Name Links take you to private personal pages for living Fortneys. Your input and comments are welcome.

Fortney Family Genealogy Links - Provides public links to genealogy work done by other members of the family including Fortney - Fortna Genealogy Family, Inc. who has published an excellent historical publication.


Although much of this site including the Family Tree portion is available to all visitors, the personal information pages require a password for access. (Along with other reasons, this makes them unavailable to search engines and web crawlers.) You may either LOGIN from the Menu on the left when you enter the site, or you will be asked for your UserID and Password the first time you try to access a protected area. Individuals interested in the password protected portion of the site who do not have an assigned UserID and Password should contact the WebMaster and identify themselves. It is our intent to share this information with all individuals who demonstrate a sincere interest in learning about the family, and who are willing to share with us the information they have on family members.


FORTNEY.ORG supports an eMail Announcements Reflector named FORTNEY NEWS for communication with registered users and an Interactive eMail Reflector named FORTNEY for those interested in a communications tool to help coordinate Geneology research. Anyone interested in receiving the eMail Announcements or participating on the Interactive Reflector may register HERE.


FORTNEY.ORG has registered the domains Fortney.org and Fortney.email, and provides personal email services to family members at a substantial savings when compared to similar services. For a donation of $15.00 per year, family members may obtain an alias email address of their choice using these domains. Your email will be delivered to your regular email account. This service is subject to availability on a first come first served basis. If you are interested in obtaining an email address like: Eli@Fortney.org, or Susan@Fortney.email, send an email to the WebMaster. Payment may be made by personal check to: Fortney Family Website, PO Box 12589, Prescott, AZ 86304-2589, OR by clicking the Donate button below.

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